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The nickname for the city of Melbourne , Vic. Don't know who came up with it , some homeless guy just told me to spread it around. I did and he didn't think it was enough so he threatened to torch my home and kill my dog if I didn't get global. I then decided to put a definition on
Larry - "Where ya from brah? We blasting some Hilltop"

Benjamin - "I'm pretty sure they're from Adelaide"

Larry - " Yeah but one time they met this guy whose cousin was friends with someone who was born in Burn City , yeah Burn City! So that pretty much makes them from here"

Benjamin - "What? That doesn't even make se-"

Larry - "Look anyway , Bliss n Eso have been reppin Burn City for decades"

Benjamin - "I'm about 90% sure Bliss wasn't even born in Australia , let alone Melbourne"

Larry - "Fuck you're a cunt aye. Burn City doesn't need you. Bitch.
by TheLostCock August 19, 2013
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AKA Melbourne, Australia.

Currently run by Mayor Robert Doyle. Little Robbie sits extremely right and has publically announced he hates bogans – such irony as bogans too are a racist lot, predominately have white skin, often have low to no social morals and live only for the next cash injection.

People often waste valuable breath comparing Melbourne and Sydney.

Visit both and you will see why travellers are begging for the time they wasted in Sydney back.
"We lose confidence glued to computer monitors
World's apart within a few kilometres
Anonymous expats drifting through the metropolis
Close my eyes and vision a new apocalypse
Revenge of the everyday folk, burn down the city and regenerate growth
Watch the flames rise like the end of Waco
Skyscrapers fall in a breath of grey smoke
What happened to the corner stone, you don't celebrate or support your own?
There's no tolerance to those who walk below
Burn City - the city that I call my home" - Pegz
by Cen Bousins March 18, 2009
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