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A Low Life Town Full of Smuts that Just want to have as many kids as possible , These smuts will even lie about getting pregnant watch out , Other than all the smuts most of the guys are low life's that hang around walmart all the time there is nothing to do in this town and no one worth meeting , There is nothing But low life's with 3 baby daddy's or drama bitches that spend there time trying to find a baby daddy. Everyone is Rude , Ugly , Nasty

ps. You may find a good time at any of the local restaurants most of the nasty smuts are waitresses
Damn , I accidentally had sex with One of those Burke County Bitches , Now I got to pay child support and I got the Herps !!
by misskaribbyy February 06, 2012
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A lame ass county that wanna be Richmond count so bad.

(Known for Bitches with old ass sew-ins.
by Realnuqqa September 03, 2019
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