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A very high RESPECTED name since the 1970's. Also known to be German.

Burghardt is also known for their intelligence. Throughout the timelines the Burghardt R known for their almost always successful achievements. Or known for being productive, positive, outgoing, stead fast , including always ready and prepared for Anything. whither it's being used for a positive or A solid UNFORGETTABLE reputation on having a professional unsupervised experience with literally speaking anything and everything that is a high risk of death. Which leads us to believe Burghardt are known to most of the times be able to SELF TEACH themselves. Always known for being reasonable but always tidily presentable

when ingaged with the works they do because of their always never could disappoint anyperson even if trying to do so with purposes. Very MUCH liked or yes sometimes even Praised. Known for being Incredibly smart, resourceful, crafty, but somewhat of a held to very high standard individual when it comes to being respected, and or ingaged unexpected casual but tense when being confronted with them.
Burghardt are known to be very high held respected individuals who are still improving their minds becoming intelligant and EDUCATES the mind for a hobby. And being gifted , with overflowing talents and swift speed doing a million task at once.
by Agent Miss. Doug August 31, 2019
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