Inspired by the hamburger joint Five Guys, burgers and fries occurs when a girl simultaneously performs double anal, double vaganal, and oral sex. She is having sex with a total of five guys - hence, burgers and fries.
by Lil' Skrimp February 1, 2014
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When a girl wants you to tiggle her titties and she's craving the pointy thing in your pants
I want your burger and fries *wink*
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An angry cat in a cage who was filmed screaming. The video is on youtube and is featured in the Meowarchy series of videos of pissed off cats.
Another angry cat like burger and fries the cat is Pinky the cat.
by TK11 February 3, 2008
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people who cannot be trusted.
who lie when you ask them if other people are over.
who wont delete things you ask them to delete.
who happen to be big fuck faces and take back apologies.
some whose name could possibly be spelled with the following letters (backwards):

When two friends make a silly music video they dont want everyone to see but you lie and show people anyways and refuse to delete the file then ignore all of their calls when they're trying to talk to you.

Example: Gosh, that Garrett is such a cunt burger with fries, he does it like its nobody's business!
by OMGihateCUNTBURGERS February 21, 2009
A heterosexual female or homosexual male who is both obese and promiscuous. “Five guys” refers to the servicing of many men, and “burgers and fries” refers to all the fatty food they eat.
Brenda really makes the rounds whenever she’s not stuffing down cheese and charcuterie plates. She’s no stranger to the biscuit tin and no stranger to the sausage bin. Five guys burgers and fries!
by Nicholas D February 24, 2022
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Used in a simile to represent something is lackluster or less than ideal, typically due to the absence of someone or something.
"Hanging out without Sam Dwyer is like a burger without the fries. It's alright, but it feels like something is missing."
by YesPapa47 September 9, 2020
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