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A particular female person that does things in her own way (referred to as Bupi things). Bupies have a very special way of communicating an have a unconditional love for (honey coloured) dogs.
''Did you see that dog? She's with a Bupi!'' ''Yo, that Bupi is sweet!'' ''Hey man, you wanna hang out? ''No sorry mate, I'm doing Bupi-things'' ''What do you think about my new shoes? I don't have a Bupini about it''.
by Buporus July 14, 2018
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A word to describe someone who just needs to be insulted. It doesn't have to be their fault that they are a bupis, but most of the time it is.
Jake: Jennifer, stop stealing TVs!
Jennifer: No, it's fun!
Jake: You are such a bupis!
by AdventureJake July 28, 2011
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