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Son of the right hand. Someone who can make you laugh without trying. A very open guy with a crazy past. Walks around with a smile that is welcoming. Laid back, crazy, serious, funny, and someone who knows how to have fun.
-girl walking down the street-
guy- hey what's up lil mama?
girl- your such a bunjamin!
by blah1111 October 30, 2011
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Sweetest, cheesiest guy you'll ever meet. Jaws drop, eyes widen, and hearts break when he walks past you. Interesting personality, great sense of humor and someone who will make your day 10x better. One of the most caring person. Someone who puts others before himself. Gives the warmest and longest hugs. Has a way of attracting all the chicks. Sexy eyes everyone would die for and a smile that stays in every girls' hearts. The most amazing person you could ever meet. If you meet a guy named Bunjamin, keep him close and hold on tight because hes a keeper.
Random kid- I like cats, their cute.
Girl- ahh that reminds me of Bunjamin!
by cocoooobutter October 31, 2011
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