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Bumping is a genre of music that we think came from the infamous 'Stupid House' of the 90s. It combines the legendary donk bass with some really hard and fast beats ideal for doing some crazy-arse jumpstyle dancing. Therefore it is most liked by people with punky haircuts, 'Welcome 2 Paradise' clothing and Puma shoes with a lot of springs or Nike TNs for example.

Bumping is known (and created) in Russia, probably some countries around Russia and Spain, too.

Making a bumping song normally takes around five minutes while having breakfast; it doesn't include any supercomplex basslines 'cause theyre repeating the same 2 bars through the whole song, build-ups can be made pretty quick just by adding the classic alarm sound that comes with the famous Virtual DJ software, and also the melodies don't have to be too heart-touching.

But this is already enough to get everyone to say 'dis is so ****in awesomeeeeee' and is getting more and more popular everyday.

Also, the bumping donk bass has its own secret recipe that no one knows (similar to coca-cola), but it is known that the classical 90s donk was made by modifying a 'tubular bell' sound.

'There HAS to be someone more who knows this awesome stuff', say Spanish bumping-fans. We hope not.

Just kidding ;)
Video examples in youtube for bumping (music)

Spanish bumping: watch?v=M7kMR-P7rkE

Russian bumping: watch?v=bNCaCePJlv8&feature=related

Bumping & Jumpstyle: watch?v=lLAqBL1BxeI&feature=related

by DJ DaNBalt February 27, 2011
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