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One's being at a low point for a certain amount of time, whether its lack of socialism/swag/employment status.
1.Ray: "Yo you here from D at all? That motherfucka fell off the grid mane?". TJ: "Yea that niggas been playin that Call of Duty shit online 24/7, that dudz on fuckin "BUM-STATUS" right now".
2. D: "Yo TJ did Ray find a job yet?"
TJ: "Nah that nigga don't do shit now, bitchz on bum-status and shit....real talk".
by osmitchof08 August 21, 2011
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Where something is not right. When something is out of order. Something a bum off the street would say or do. Being clumsy. In the middle of nowhere. Not fitting in. When something is incongruous. Or when something is displaying bum like characteristics.
Girl 1: Aghh that shirt that I wanted is on the ground and I'm to lazy to pick it up

Girl 2: Bum Status.
by EpicPErsonEpicChinChinGreen February 15, 2012
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