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vulgar slang
some shit Klaudiusz made up
verb: bullsit; 3rd person present: bullsits; past tense: bullsitted; past participle: bullsitted; gerund or present participle: bullsitting
Origin:21st century
When you can't stand the utter bullshit one has said.
"Amina said Sophia's puns are fucking shit."
"Oh my god, she needs to close her mouth, there's shit coming out. Such bullsit."
by Artillee November 01, 2017
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pronounced {bOOy-sEEt} the tagolog (philipino word) meaning bullshit, directly taken from typical american slang "bullshit"

since the "sh" sound doesn't exist in the philipino language, it becomes simplified into an "s"

since tagalog is a language that came down from spanish, the "ll" is pronounced like an "i".
"kasta'asta'asang kagalanggalangan katipunan. puede na ba?"
by Crockett Vinson May 17, 2007
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