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Similar to the sexual rite of passage for Japanese women known as "Bukkake," it involves the same basic principle but instead of semen the woman is doused with fecal matter.
My wife is into scat porn, so me and my buddies gave her a bukkaka.
by Ming Pao February 20, 2012
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A japanese sexual rite of passage where a woman gets splished with lots of spooge from men all doing what it takes to release it.

Spooge dousing in other words
Pam participated in Bukkaka
by Lucifus June 09, 2005
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The repeated act where multiple men and or women excrete waste like fecal matter on to a single male and or female
Dave: Hey, remember that day where we were all drunk and Stacy wanted us to give her a Dirty Sanchez?

Jerry: Oh yeah! Then, instead of giving her that, we gave her a nice, steamy bukkaka on her face, man!
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