1. (n) Slang word for taking a shit that builds upon itself as you shit out more and more
by Ratzy April 13, 2006
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To go take a shit. This term is used because it sounds cleaner and more user friendly than the term "poop".
"Be right back I'm 'bout to build a log cabin real quick"
"Aight bro"
by Randall Evanston August 28, 2015
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It is the act of masterbating by pretending to be four slaves building Abe Lincoln's log cabin out of popsickle sticks. You paint the popsickle sticks brown, before you start, and then proceed to slap your dick with teh sicks until you blow your load.

* you say that is what someone is doing when they are screwing around.
Wazula: Why aren't you playing halo are you building Abe Lincoln's log cabin.
Ace8904: Yes
by Ace8904 February 5, 2008
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