a girls butt that is so nice that you want to lick it.
Ayo baby girl... Lemme lick yo BUHT.
by Keith Graham arias Geni December 26, 2008
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The act of having Sehkz in the Buht. Ones tallywacker is inserted forcefully of slowly into a receiving buht. Although a tallywacker is the most common object used during Buht Sehkz other objects can be used, such as a purple dildo, a remote control, a snickers bar, beer bottle (coors lite silver bullet works the best). Buht Sehkz can be very messy, especially surpise Buht Sehkz because the person recieving will usually never see it coming and there will be a lot of squirming, secretion of ass butter is very common, one should take a shower after Buht Sehkz but it is not necessary. Buht Sehkz can be very painful, but 99% of the people learn to love it.
While Uncle tuna was passed out H22LudeSH slowly inserted his junk into tunas Buht performing surprise buht sehkz.

Kerri does not know that she loves teh Buht Sehkz more then anything.
by maddog016 January 7, 2009
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An alternitave way of spelling "Butt Sex". Often read aloud by an unsuspecting member of the public, who will then realise what they have said.
a: Hey what does that say?
b: ... buht sekks?
a: hahaha you said butt sex!!!
by tits_mcgee March 1, 2008
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An object that is often lost by a person, and whose misplacement is used to lead another person into a poop joke.
"Hey man have you seen my buht fore?"
"No I haven't.... what's a buht fore?"
by Ballsout!!! January 19, 2010
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