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The description of a situation or scenario that is uncomfortable. Can also be said as "bugles, bugle'd, and bugleying."

Bugles are things such as small objects, that cause negative emotions to arise, typically discomfort or annoyance. It can also be applied as an idea or physical/emotional feeling.

Bugleying is the act or presence of something or someone causing bad environment.
Situation 1

Guy 1: Hot weather is bugley
Guy 2: Yeah, you're right

Situation 2

Guy 1: All of these crumbs in my bed are bugles
Guy 2: Yeah they are, just looking at them is getting me bugle'd

Situation 3

Guy 1: You are bugleying me so hard right now, stop.
by Bloodzack12 October 19, 2016
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butt ugly. So fucking ugly that they look like a butt smeared with crap see synonyms at fugly
Kathy is so bugly when I look at her, all I can think is,"that face looks like a fuckin ass!"
by marshay July 04, 2003
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