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A sexual act generally perfomed with both partners consuming a large quantity of taco dip, smothering their bodies in buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing, followed by rough anal intercourse over a plate of buffalo wings until defecation.
There was supposed to be a pool party at Drew's house but it was raining out so we stayed inside and did a buffalo steamer instead.
by Chicken Man February 07, 2017
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When someone takes a dump on another's face that is covered in Saran Wrap. But first he pokes holes in the Saran Wrap. The shittee thinks they are covered, but actually they've been Buffaloed. Thus, the Buffalo Steamer.
He gave her the impression she was going to get a Cleveland Steamer, but he poked holes in the Saran Wrap and gave her the surprise of her life: a Buffalo Steamer.
by Big Bleu November 10, 2013
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