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When one consumes too many chicken wings and develops a case of explosive diarrhea. This often requires a change of pants and underwear as the afflicted cannot make it to the bathroom quick enough.
Edwards friend Jacob set him up on a blind date with Ashley. Ashley was hot, and apparently a bit of a whore. Edward knew he was getting lucky tonight. The evening went well, Edward gobbled down about two dozen Buffalo wings. Drank a little, chatted with Ashley. They couple danced a bit in the bar, he was sure he was getting lucky tonight. Then.... his stomach started aching.

"I have a feeling I am about to make some Buffalo Chocolate", Edward said to his date.

Then it happened, Edwards bowels exploded all over the inside of his pants. Liquid shit leaked out of his pant legs and on to the floor.

"Gross!" Ashley said.
Edward, did not get laid that night.
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by Nutzen YerMouf June 09, 2017
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