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Join the club of the drinking game that never ends! Buffalo club is founded on the premise of drinking with friends and members. You inaugurate members who are willing to join without disclosing the rules of the game. To initiate members, find a quarter and either mark it somehow or remember the year on it - throw it as far as you can - they are now new members. Members of the club are now part of the rapidly spreading Buffalo Club - A club where you are only allowed to drink alcoholic beverages with your left hand. Every time you find a "member" drinking their alcoholic beverage with their right hand, you call Buffalo Chug. The person who was found drinking with their right hand now has to fill their cup and chug it down. Simple, right? Well there's of course other rules - if someone calls Buffalo Chug and your beverage is empty or not opened yet, the person who called it now has to chug their beverage! Join the club.
"Dude, you're in the buffalo club right?! BUFFALO CHUG!"
by John Buttera September 07, 2008
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