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A sexual position dating back to Ancient Egypt. The position signifies the rising of the Nile and the hopes for a fruitful harvest. The male lays on his back, penis erect. The female sits indian style atop his penis, with her back to his face. Slowly, she raises her palms toward the sky, raising her pelvis so he can thrust deeper.
"I was really nervous, but Adam and I tried the Budina last night and I had the most AMAZING orgasm ever."
by K. Sumatra June 19, 2008
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A savage and brutish form of ritualistic sex and a desecration of God's gift, which is the holy union between a man and a woman. A truly deplorable act.
I refuse to believe that society has degraded to such an extent that there are those among us whose morals are loose enough to even attempt such a despicable act. The budina is as depraved as it is demented, and those that accept these abnormal psychosexual practices should be identified and kept away from the young and vulnerable members of our community. For all the would-be budinas, suggested reading includes the Holy Bible (both the Old and New testaments) and the Book of Mormon.
by Decyfer Down 2000 August 13, 2008
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