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1. a series of art sculptures shaped like bears that are wearing various outfits. These statues are also colored in many different ways. They are exhibited in cities thruout Europe and beyond. Their function is for promoting peace and tolerance and diversity to children everywhere.

2. a trio of cartoon bears (Billy, Bobby, and Bertie) who frequently appear on the Saturday morning cartoon show "Garfield and Friends". They are the irritating bane of Garfield because he is an independent-minded fat cat who likes to eat lasagna, nap in his box, and watch TV all day. The Buddy Bears spout and espouse conformity in their song and dance routine with nauseating propagandic soul -crushing platitudes like "never have an opinion of your own".

3. any group of people who do and think everything together because SOMEBODY SAID SO. They NEVER question anything. It's "rally-around-whatever" for them. Sound like anything from the early 21st century?
1. The Buddy Bear statues are a great delight for children to see in metropolitan parks everywhere.

2. Oh, we are the Buddy Bears, we always get along ...

if you ever disagree, it means that you are wrong. Oh, we are the Buddy Bears, we always get along!

3. At the beginning of one episode after the opening song Garfield said that the Buddy Bears come on after the commercial break so you can practice your channel-flipping skills.

4. for the past number of years the American public has blindly accepted whatever crap has been dished out by self-appointed "experts".People forget that America became so great as it is by the thoughts and actions of those who don't "go with the flow" or "get with the program". The Buddy Bears and their lemming conformist type are the opposite of what American democracy is all about.

5. Bertie: It's noon. Where would we like to eat? I say we go to the salad bar.

Bobbie: Bertie has just suggested it and we are the Buddy Bears and we never disagree so I say we head to the salad bar.

Billy: Well Bertie and Bobby agree to go to the salad bar for lunch and we are the Buddy Bears and if I were to disagree then that would mean I would be wrong, so I say I we go to the salad bar.

All three bears: ALRIGHT! It's a deal! (they sing their little song again...)

6. Don't join the Buddy Bears crowd. Be yourself.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice August 07, 2009
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1940's cartoon of a bear who spoke in scat.
Buddy Bear walks out of the forest and says: Ooot oot kabooten din lang goo goo biddy bop bop ping.
by Dang Flopper February 19, 2012
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