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Contraction of "Buddhist" and "wannabe". A person who tries very hard to be Buddhist, or tells their friends they are Buddhist, yet have no idea whatsoever about the foundations, lifestyle etc., of Buddhism.

Buddhabe's can be identified by teenage girls going vegetarian as part of their new religion, random shoutings of "Om Shanti Shanti", the wearing of Indian attire, and other such culturally embarrassing things.

Buddhabe - Sorry... I know I'm a 12 year old white girl and have no idea about the culture of India or any such related thing, but I won't eat that meat, because I'm Buddhist.

Penny - Umm, how come Bambi isn't a slut anymore?
Rachel - It's a part of her finding inner self. She's such a Buddhabe! She's only watches Bollywood now, and claims she's fluent in Hindi.
Penny - Eew, she is a Buddhabe!

Bob - Wow, why did Francesca change her name to Latika?
Phil - Oh, she saw Slumdog Millionaire and now thinks she's Buddhist. I hardly understand her anymore, she just shouts out Om Shanti Shanti all the time... Total Buddhabe.
by origamicandy September 26, 2009
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