After a long night of very vigorous sex sometimes the male will feel the burning sensation from his dick being raw. This is known as buck rub.
Justin fucked that bitch so long last night he has buck rub this morning.
by cwood March 20, 2006
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A low class establishment advertised as the county's premier gentlemen's club in eastern Pennsylvania. Your hopes are high, but when you walk in the door, the first thing on your mind is, "Good lord, at least it's BYOB!" The smell of cesarean sections, and asshole fill the air. You immediately call the doctor for an STD checkup Monday morning. Even though we all know how 'classy' of a titty bar Buck Rubs actually is, we still find ourselves sitting there quite frequently tossing singles at the dregs of society.
Bob: "Hey man, wanna go to Buck Rubs?"
Neil: "Nah I'm good, I already had the clap once this month."
by Quecumber December 29, 2011
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