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A woman with a pussy so big that every time she sits down the whole chair dissapears up her chuff never to be seen again. It is said thats whats happened to the titanic as a 1000 men went down on her.
Ive just lost my mini has the bucket master been about!!
by spunk chops March 02, 2009
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A two litre bottle and a five little bottle which is used to smoke pollen/hash/weed which is used to get fucked. should not be taken by the faint hearted
He took 8 king size bukets he is like the bucket master(aka Jamie Lowth)
by Deco fron knock NA Tallagh August 08, 2006
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a young and stupid girl who has a large cunt due to all the men she has slept with.Generally her cunt is so big its like a walk in freezer.
Hey Jo i had sex with Tori last night and nearly fell in.what a bucket master.
by stink nugget November 15, 2008
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