When something so disgusting is said the sick bucket is the only thing that's big enough to hold all the sick in it.
John - "So Bert, we're not up to much are we?" (John eyes Bert up in a seductive way) "Fancy a bum"?
Bert - (Pukes everywhere therefore the sick bucket is needed)
by Aaron & Tom September 13, 2008
A description of one who is so sick that they have to carry a bucket with them so that there is a place for the vomit to go if they suddenly need to throw up.
Man, I was bucket sick today because I drank 6 long island iced tea’s last night.
by billardbb April 14, 2009
to call someone when they are being annoying or unapealing to you.
"k stop being a bucket of sick and speak english!"
by klappers July 17, 2008