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British nickname for Buckingham Palace, the principal London residence of Queen Elizabeth II.
I meant to drive home at the stroke of four, but got called for a photo op at Buck House.
by Billy Frank July 04, 2013
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An establishment one solicits in order to "buck", which is a San Francisco term for fucking Asian prostitutes. Buck Houses are plentiful in San Francisco, where for $200 you will get rubbed, tugged, suckled, and eventually perform stinkfish penetration.

The women at buck houses are generally Vietnamese indentured slave servants who are permanently confined to the buck houses they work at. As they endure their 23rd buck of the day (which is you), they will stare at the ceiling with lifeless eyes muttering "ohh fuk me babyy... yea yea so good u superman u hurry up and cum now baby" while you heave, ho, grunt, and pummel their red swollen vagina which is doused in numbing cream to allow their stinkfishes to endure endless sex.

A man known as the "Buckmaster" of SF, initialed GB, is one of the most notorious buckers in San Francisco and is rumored to have slept with over 400 of these Asian prostitutes. Besides the mere number of his buckings he has engaged in, his name truly comes for his depraved love of performing cunnilingus on their rotten beaten vaginas.
"I want to buck, buck, buck!! I love to buck, buck buck!" - A traditional song and dance originated from the Buck Master himself to pump himself up before a good buck. The dance involves lifting one leg in the air and performing humping motions.

"Oh man, after seeing all that sweet tang on the streets today, I must Buck. GB, take me to Jones St. lets hit the buck house"
by Crack Fiend Jayfly July 05, 2009
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