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1. A term used in reference to a person who simply doesn't stop pontificating/talking. Usually the 'superpower' during a conversation. Someone who never runs out of material regardless of life situations for they do not stop talking! 2. A yappy little dog that resembles the features described in definition 1. Normally in the Terrier class of canine, but can just be a dog that, not unlike a human 'Buck Buck Buck', seemingly will not cease barking. 3. A political 'talking head' that promises things to no end in sight, however, more often than not, results in very little positive outcomes, though not always!
Cell phone patron: "She gets on the phone, girl, and is a real 'Buck Buck Buck'! Cannot keep her trap shut!!"

Houseguest: "Stan is a nice guy, but he's been here for three days and is too much of a 'Buck Buck Buck'! He needs to leave!!"

Bar: "Man! Normally Dave is reserved, but get a couple of Jaggermeisters in him and he turns into a real 'Buck Buck Buck'! Chatterbox city!!" Said the bartender.

A neighbor: "That little white Westie terrier is cute as hell, but man, what a 'Buck Buck Buck'! Won't stop yapping until either the owner shuts him up or if someone jokes about getting him fixed! Cares about his 'arf balls' too much!!
by Mike in Aurora, Colorado February 07, 2008
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