A sub-genre of trap that involves a lighthearted, playful, sometimes cartoonish melody, with an overlay of trap beats like a snare, kick, and bass, then using R-rated lyrics that don't fit the beat, like rapping about drugs, guns, or bitches. Made popular by Lil Yachty and his upbeat songs like "Minnesota" and "1Night".
Burberry Perry (Lil Yachty's Producer): I always thought it was if you sat down and you watch Powerpuff Girls or something like that, and you try to throw that on trap drums, so it could be bubblegum trap, I guess you could say that
by breck v April 11, 2017
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A style of rap where a retro beat is added to trap drums to produce a less hardcore version of trap music
Wow, I was listening to some bubblegum trap yesterday and I was feeling the vibe.
by Bubblegum trap May 7, 2016
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A very feminine subgenre of trap music. Very mellow and light hearted beats, usually accompanied by a female vocalist rapping over it.

*****Two examples of some Bubblegum Trap artists are Kero Kero Bonito, and Kitty Pryde.
Yo, I discovered Bubblegum trap in college and it is fucking amazing and so chill.
by Gogopowerrangergirl December 18, 2015
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