bubble head is also used in the united states navy meaning anyone who servves aboard a submarine is called a bubblehead.
a bubble head is a sailor who is on a submarine
by jeffrey spaziani January 14, 2008
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A really really dumb person that when u ask a question to them they reply with the oppisite of what u are asking.

orgin of word comes from Scarface the movie
Ballz_of_fire:So what's the score of last nights game?

Bubble Head:i was drinking cherry snapple yesterday

Ballz_of_fire:How would you kno Bubble Head?
by Ballz_of_Fire February 2, 2005
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I male preferably scottish who has a massive head and is fairly old.
Oh ffs we have mr bubble head for media next
by FuZioN Carbine February 3, 2016
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When enjoying a song, Chris Chrome turn into this Human Bubble Head, bopping his head and enjoying the sound. (ex: when listening to that new Digga D album NbN)
You can witness the bubble head every Sunday on the Classic Quest Reviews on Behind that Suit channel
Chris: Yo that's a BOP!!
he says while bopping his head left and right up and down, turning into a human bubble head instantly.
by brkfastcereals April 17, 2022
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Bubble Head Road is BS! Doesn't exist!

Normal, everyday, hardworking, taxpaying, voting citizens live there. They have been woken from sound sleep, shot at, windows shot out, vandalized with spray paint, egged, bottles thrown at, nothing but harassed!!
Where did you get your information on Bubble Head Road?
Leave these people alone!!!
by Fed-up "Bubble Head"! July 5, 2009
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A female that resides in Las Vegas that is an air-head and completely fake in appearance, usually found in a strip club dancing or on the arm of a man paying to hook up with her because she lacks the brains it takes to have a real career and is ok with using her looks to get what she wants.
That bubble-headed dye job makes it too easy for guys in this town to mistreat women and gives us a bad name.
by Akasam702 September 28, 2021
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someone who has no idea what is going on when close to being faced with punishment
"Hey, did you see Greg yesterday? He punched the police chief."
"Well, he's a double bubble disco queen headed to the guillotine."
by xraybloom May 28, 2022
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