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N. The are of Buahahahah-ing.
V. When driving, the passenger of the vehicle will stick his/her head and upper torso out of the side window, while approaching a victim.
Once about 5 feet or so away from the victim, the Buahahahah-er will yell at the top of their lungs, "BUAHAHAHAHAH"
While yelling, the Buahahahah-ee will also reach out their arms towards the victim and wiggle the fingertips.

And then there will be two choices.

Choice 1: Remain at a constant slow speed, to see the reaction of and to laugh at the victim.
Choice 2: To gun it and not see the reaction, but to laugh in the car.

This was asked by me to a couple of police officers, and they said so long as the seatbelt is intact, there is nothing illegal about Buahahahah-ing somebody (s).
Varpet - " Shoosheeshoosheeshoooooooh Hey man, wussup"
Gago - "Yo shewsheeshesheeewshouuughh"
Varpet - "Lets go chill man"
Gago - "Aiight, come get me and we'll go Buahahahaha"

Moments later

Varpet - "HAHAHAHHAHAHA wow even the DOGS jumped!!"
Gago - Still laughing
Varpet - Laughs more - "Time to go pick up Chubbz"
Gago - Still laughing - "Aiight just go slow for 1 more"
by Gago October 02, 2006
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