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One simple word defines a Brytnee: Mesmerizing.
Too unique and exciting to be captured by the simple and traditional spellings (Brittany/Britney), the Brytnee is that spark that everyone looks for in life. Once you meet her, you're never the same. Blessed with the unique gift of being able to touch your life in one way or the other, Brytnee is that girl you see and know you have to meet. She's gorgeous, sweet, and fun to be around. She knows how to enjoy life and is usually found in social situations. She's definitely a party animal, but she's chill. She's loud, spunky, and open about almost everything- but she's still somehow a mystery. Talented, hilarious, and charming, once she's in your life- the Brytnee is there to stay.
Brytnee, I love you!
by noodledancer June 27, 2010
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A fucking slut. If you ever meet a Brytnee then DO NOT tell her your crush becasue she will drop her bf & try to hop on his dick SO QUICK but of course she won't succeed BECAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS THAT SHES A CRAZY LIL BITCH.
Oh my god, Brytnee is such a slut
by Softballislif3 August 18, 2017
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