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1. Perhaps at first glance one might think a Bryston is a misfit, but this is merely his camouflage. Brystons are honest men whom go hard; work hard, play hard, and love hard. To most, Brystons seem wild, untamable forces of nature whom are destructive… but don’t mistake these terms “wild”, “untamable”, and “force of nature” as negative attributes, for it is part of a Bryston’s splendor. You call him wild because he goes all out; I call him passionate, adventurous, energetic, and determined. You call him untamable because you want to control him, I say let him be free-spirited because he will achieve great things and he is most beautiful when not caged. And as for force of nature, he is a force to be reckoned with for sure, but he is not destructive, he is protective and strong (in every sense of the word). A Bryston may be able to lift heavy objects, bend blue steel, or take on sebn’ black panthers, but with those same hands he can hold a child’s hand without crushing it, caress a woman gently, and make people feel safe. Brystons are known charmers who will make you smile and laugh anytime given time. Upon hearing a Bryston’s deep, calming and seductive voice, one can’t help but smile and feel at ease. Do not underestimate a Bryston, for he is a man in the purest sense; honest, steadfast, and knows how to provide.

2. A grown ass man.
Bryston is the man.
by Truth3eTold December 21, 2016
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Bryston is one of the dorkiest names around, usually bryston's turn out to be homosexual's. But, they tend to be althetic for there first couple of years, when they turn 13 or any age's around there, there gay side starts kicking in. Also, when they hear a new word, for example, (Broski)They use it to often. It annoy's people like crazy and bryston still doesnt realize it.
Also, they tend to freak out alot and have a short patience. And, the can be obese for there age.
Bryston: Broski, you suck at this game!
James: Dude its the second time ive played it, so just shut up!
Bryston:Dude come on, its just three notes you have to strum.
James:Dude, im going home fuck off.
by Mickeal January 06, 2008
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