Guy 1: "I brush my teeth 2, sometimes 3, times a day!"
Guy 2: "I never go a night without brushing my teeth."
Guy 3: "I love it when my dentist brushes my teeth, he's much better at it than I am."
Guy 4: "I haven't brushed my teeth in a while."
Guy 5: "Some guy around the corner wants to pay me to let him watch me brush my teeth."
by werdna250. June 29, 2010
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To give a lady friend oral pleasure when said lady friend has unkempt pubic hair.
"Dude, I went down on her last night, was like brushing my teeth with a rat."
by rob13423rhjfgj April 16, 2009
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doing the brushing teeth and curling hair motions with your index finger signifies the person you’re pointing to while you “brush your teeth” is coo-coo.

“i brush my teeth” = “that person”
“and curl my hair” = “is cray cray
“omg that girl is crazy
“dont say that out loud!!”
“ok, i brush my teeth and curl my hair”
by kmisweirdaf August 14, 2022
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When a man is in the mood for foreplay and he wants to initiate oral sex from his girlfriend, wife, side chick, partner.
Federico: Babe I just brushed my teeth!

Panfila: Pull them pants down big boy and let me suck you off real nice tonight!

Federico: I love you!
by TatisJunior August 18, 2022
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