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The increasingly popular act of performing a Cleveland Steamer whilst in the '69' sexual position.

This act is growing with popularity within couples aged 20-35 years of age.
"What did you do last night?" asked Tod. "We got adventurous and had a Brunswick 69!" replied Ken. With a slight look of disgust, Tod asked "How was it?" "Messy!" replied Ken.
by Kster06 July 01, 2013
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The Brunswick 69 is a 1920's era manoeuvre which consist of a cleveland steamer, performed upside down with a reverse blumpkin. Gravity forces the blumpker onto the be-seated jobee and allows a wiggling motion to create the steamer, left to right like poo on a windscreen wiper.
Named after the 20's song 'The Brunswick 69' about these sexual gymnastics:

~I'll be seeing you from the top, as I cream you off a crop, dancing gayly left to ride, my fair lady, won't you ride,

The Brunswick sixty-niiiiiine~
by MikeeTeevee July 02, 2013
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