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1. a unicorn but better.

2. an over-achiever.
3. Bruno Mars. (he calls himself a mystical unicorn so now he’s a brunicorn)
1. i love that brunicorn

2. she’s such a brunicorn

3. ooh look at that brunicorn and his curlsssss
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by Hooligan4life February 26, 2018
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A white girl who only will date and sleep with white men including blowjobs. Never had never will, very rare like unicorn
Omg i found a straight brunicorn.she thought i was hung like a horse!
by bprosi03 December 05, 2014
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A person who has zero tolerance for racism and/or juvenile antics, thought to be a rarity by today's society.
He told a racist joke at school and got in trouble because his teacher is such a brunicorn.
by bant3r December 13, 2014
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