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1) the mark one finds in one's underwear after failure to wipe the anus properly;
2) any member of the legion of fans that supports Chris Brown regardless of any circumstances, often with rabid support.
You see that brownstain over there? She just pulled a knife on me for saying that Chris might be more talented at hitting women than beats. Classic brownstain.
by Viktorious October 21, 2011
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when a big ass mother fucker takes a migit shit and mark his panties.

definition #2: one large male who performs a cleaveland steamer takes it off his chest and begins to right his name on someone forhead creating a BROWNSTAIN bitch maw fucker.
"you bitch suck the brown stain of my panties......
maw fucker."

example # 2 :"whats the maw fuckin brown stain on my mawfuckin fore head and who gave me a maw fuckin cleaveland steamer"

example#3 " why are ther so many brown stains in yur panties sweetie" " ...... guess i pooped a little .... maw fucker"
by bitch as maw fucker March 01, 2007
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Brown stain (also the name for a shit) is the commonly used English slang for a dickhead of a teacher who doesn't care about anything other than himself
theyre typically geordie
u seen that brown stain?
hes an arse him
by clubpenguinfun June 07, 2016
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If you are a brown stain, you have been blessed with the power of a black man and are seen as a god to other black people and have authority over white people.
White person "OMG!!!!! Are you a Brown Stain???!!!"
Brown Stain: "Yaes"
by SoggyBuiscuit21 June 26, 2018
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A blight on America

An illegal Kenyan usurping power from within the Whitehouse

A whigger - a person who is 1/2 white and 1/3 Arab, but pretends to be black because doing so is deemed politically expedient.

A steaming pile of excrement in the form of a human.

A politician who hates the United States - also referred to as a liberal.
This website is ran by liberals who share the brown stain's hatred for America. Because of liberalism, this nation is spiraling downwards.
by Chuck Schumer July 25, 2011
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