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Is an illness within the structure of the brain. In areas such as the hypothalamus and frontal lobe regions have sustained damage. People who suffer from Browne Aphasia will struggle in remembering important dates and the misplacement of personal belongings.
FRIEND: Hey when's our biology test?
YOU: Today, did you study?
FRIEND: No :| *spends rest of day studying*
~Upon entering biology you find out the test is three days later~
YOU: Have you ever heard of Browne Aphasia?
YOU: Its when you constantly forget important dates, this is the third time this semester. Get yourself checked.
by garljack March 31, 2011
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When you constantly forget the dates to important tests and exams. These people are fucking retards, and shouldn't participate in the IB because of their poor memory skills, these people tend to cause stress and worry in people's lives because they convince people that test and exams are sooner than they actually are.
The test is next week
No, its tomorrow
Okay thanks

Hey dude I stayed up til midnight last night studying, turns out the test is next week. Thanks a lot you stupid fuck. I'm diagnosing you with Browne Aphasia

You people should be shot.
by garljack April 06, 2011
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