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A phrase used to describe explosive diarrea. In this context, however, it is implied that the diarrea is being used as a weapon to defecate on another, or to vandalize property. The act of defication is often coincides with yelling the phrase "brown storm".
The suspect was handcuffed in the back of the squard car. As the police officer drove him to jail, the suspect turned around in the back seat, yanked his pants down, pressed his buttocks to the grill in the squad car cage, yelled "brown storm!", and sprayed the cop and the whole front of the car with a messy brown storm.
by mrwheelbarow July 25, 2009
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Similar the concept of a golden shower, but intstead you take a dump on someone. Also could be used if someone shits their pants!
I was so grossed out by the brown storm unleashed on my chest by my boyfriend that I brown stormed my pants!
by basicallygod September 27, 2010
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brown storm - a great mess or ordeal; a polite way to say "shit storm" when in mixed company
Dawn Marie was hit with a brown storm of paperwork; she had to stay late for two weeks before she could catch up.
by IMKessel October 25, 2007
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