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When a man buttfucks a girl, pulls out, and his cock is smothered in wet, brown, sloppy liquid shit.
Sally: Put it between the cheeks Ryan!
Ryan: IM GONNA RAM IT HOME! *rams it home*
Ryan: This is gonna give me a really bad brown popsicle later...SHIT
by crotchleg6969 June 09, 2009
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to stick a freezing popsicle up a girl/guys ass to hear the screams of discontent among the partner
wanna lick of my brown popsicle?
by crimey mclawbreakerson October 07, 2007
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When a man puts his dick in a feeezer, when he takes it out, he gives the girl anal then the girls shit is frozen onto his dick, after all this, the girl gives a guy a blow job to get all the shit off his dick
by Hairy Willy October 18, 2007
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