A Brown girl is a girl from the region of South Asia, middle East, africa and Latin America. They are the most beautiful women you will find in this planet
Look at that brown girl over there isn't she beautiful
by Thereal definitions June 28, 2020
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a female of mixed background who's skin is darker than a typical caucasian. The male counterpart is brown boy. Typically are hotties.
she's a mulatto, you know, a brown girl.
by -*duff November 21, 2005
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South Asian girl that is hot as fuck. Brown girl are thick and have big ass and titties
person 1: did you see that brown girl
person 2: yeah she is hot as fuck
by issa life September 28, 2018
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Overweight "country girl" who wears only camo (preferably pink), dates country boys for their trucks and tobacco dip, and tries too hard
"Spotted-browning girl getting out of Chevy Cavalier with 'silly boys, trucks are for girls' sticker. Ugh in a pink camo hoodie two sizes too small"
by ShitShayeSays May 16, 2016
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Any chick with a good body but an ugly face.. also know as a butter face. Term comes from the fact she has a nice uniform and an ugly helmet.
Man you need two bags for that chick she's a real Cleveland Brown girl.
by Larry Brown June 2, 2007
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A beautiful South Asian girl that is hot as fuck and she is cultured she has a brown skin tan she is wealthy and loves high end things but she still remembers her homeland.
Nicolette Grey is a example of a yummy brown girl
by lolsnob April 15, 2022
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A more extreme version of white girl wasted. We all have that crazy brown friend in the group who will by 15 rounds in one pub and go mental when she's smashed. This is being brown girl wasted. White friends can also emulate this behaviour and although they are white they become 'brown girl wasted'
White friend : OMG I'm so smashed... I can't believe I was such a fool
Brown friend : I know felicia, I managed to buy 15 rounds in whetherspoons alone!
by RainbowFelicia123 October 26, 2017
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