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A group of browns, enlightened through their struggles as a minority, come together to rise up against the white supremacists and reclaim the world in the name of brown.
by UR bOi November 04, 2013
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; group of photogenic Desi girls who get together almost every day of the week just to talk shit about everybody in town
; group of Desi girls who reject plans of others, but not their squads

; group of Desi girls who have code names for every human to walk across the earth, not even ones grandmother is safe

other words: clique, groupie, taliban
"I can't believe you got over 100 likes on that Instagram photo, you must be a Brown-Squad"
"Dude get off of Snapchat for a minute, don't be like Brown-Squad!"
by anonymousling October 07, 2016
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