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The male version of a ptot and the under-aged version of a bro. An under-aged male shows up at raves only for the pussy, drugs and booze, wears candy and claims to be "plur" but tries to act gangster at the same time, and wears lots of candy cuffs but doesn't care about the actual meaning at all. Likes to sag his black dickies, and wears a baseball cap with either a wife beater or no shirt. Basically a wannabe fratboy, clubber who's too young to do either. Sells drugs when he's at a parties and when he's back in high school.

Brotots like to ruin raves by getting in fights, they often start them over groping some other brotots etarded girlfriend or vomiting on a security guard. The brotot's music of choice is dubstep, electro house, and sometimes hardstyle. They don't know or care about anything other than played out shit. Their favorite pray is the ptot, who they like to have grimy sex with in the bathroom stalls. All they want to talk about is getting fucked up, bitches and "r0llin baw1z bro!"
These brotots are killing the rave scene, all they care about is getting fucked up and getting laid.
by E-mzng March 28, 2011
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