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The kind of kid that drinks one beer and says he is drunk. He is the kid at parties that is loud, annoying and occasionally will fall down steps and knock a hole in the wall. We all know a Broskey.
Yo dude did you see Justin at that party?! He was so annoying!

I know man he's such a Broskey!
by beowolf February 25, 2013
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Of the best group of snowboarders or skiers at a resort, the one that will drop the best tricks and is stoned nearly all the time. This person will usually speak in a form of the English language that is unintelligible; saying things like, "That jump was gnar-gnar dude!" "I got some rad ill air of that booter"
Did you understand what the broskeyjust said?

Have you ever noticed that pro snowboarding is just a collection of the best broskeys from around the planet?
by Axe9888 January 15, 2007
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