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A cute friend that you're hitting on later realizing that she is a lesbian. However, you later became her straight guy friend and she became your best friend even though you want to tap that. She is still a lesbian, she also has the qualities of looking at girls in a sexual way asking you whether that girl walking by is cute, you seem to have the same mentality of looking at cute girls and asking her whether she do her. Bromance for lesbians. Brosbians.
"Hey, how's University of Virginia treating you?"~Guy Friend.
"Hey! I haven't seen you in such a long time, *hug*, woah, you smell good." ~Lesbian friend.

"Thanks, unfortunately your my brosbians, I need to be able to attract other......." ~Guy Friend.

Hot girl walks by
"Sorry I was distracted." Guy Friend.

"I know what you mean, I'd hit that." ~Lesbian Friend.
by That Way. October 18, 2011
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Kate is now a part of the bromance with Bruce, Tony and Peter. She is a brosbian within the bromance.
by The lopez December 11, 2013
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