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A type of apology typically given by bros of all types and ages. At its core, it's a classic non-apology, apology (i.e. "I'm sorry I'm not sorry"). It emanates from supreme arrogance and a hegemonic masculine need to be dominant, and thus never wrong.

You often see this type of apology come out of the mouth of a bro who's been caught doing something controversial and is forced to apologize; however, they obviously think that everybody is just over-reacting, or being hyper PC, and they should not have to apologize, but will do so in order to get everyone off their back.
"Ugh, okay, I'll give you a bropology. I'm guess I'm sorry...sorry that you're such a gay ass pussy bitch that you can't hack my (insert sexist/racist/xenophobic/hyper masculine opinion and behavior here). Fuckin' sack up, bro."
by Elwood Lane September 14, 2017
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An apology between bros. A formal, or non-formal acknowledgment of remorse or regret. Used by bros to express sympathy, while not downgrading their broness.

The etymology stems from the bros that inhabit the East Village region of Manhattan. These bros often strive to make things right in the face of wrongness, however they would never do so while sacrificing masculinity.
"Dude, you said you would replace that sixer of mine your stupid college freinds drank" "Oh man, you're right. I owe you a bropology. I bropologize." "Bropology accepted.
by aschorr35mm March 24, 2011
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