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Brophelin is a drug induced by a wide spectrum of men from angst-filled teenagers, to college frat boys and to married men. Brophelin is used to get out all of the things that they couldn't normally do such as drink excessive amounts of alcohol, watch sports games, shoot pool, go to bars/strip clubs, gamble and other things that people such as nagging girlfriends, bosses, parents etc. would yell at them for.

Brophelin can also be induced virtually such as through an online video game.

Brophelin should be used at least one every two/one weeks to relieve man-craziness and inner-party. Do not exceed dosage as this can cause loss of jobs, mean ex-girlfriends and an adaption to an extremely irresponsible lifestyle.

If you forget a dose, be sure to account for it as soon as possible to decrease inner wild-side build up.

Side-effects may include:

Girlfriends never thinking you spend enough time with them.

Pictures you don't want people to see.

Drunken stupor.

Broken furniture.

Noise disturbances.

Loss of profit for either beer or things you'll regret buying later.
Paul: Bro, you need to come over to my place! I just got fifty games for the Xbox for a hundred bucks! Please dude, I need some Brophelin right now!

Hank: I got fired from work yesterday for punching my boss. Guess I should have taken my Brophelin when I had the chance.

Tony: Brophelin overdose, dude. The nag thinks I hang out with you too much.
by OppositeDaySandwiches July 10, 2011
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