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A charismatic overall awesome bro. Want frat? Well you'll get soo much frat from this guy his babies will come out wearing Sperry's and asking to drink milk out of a milk bong. His chill to pull ratio far surpasses that of McCoy, so far up there is no known number to describe it. He loves going out on adventures and Fiona's. Girls call dibs on him when he walks into a party. Always single and willing to mingle. Loves hazing the shit out of pledges. Google searches him for answers. Jealous yet? Don't like him? Sucks to be you, because he has a bag of fucks and he doesn't give out any. Don't mess with his brothers, HE WILL CUT YOU! He loves his brothers more than cheese-itz *that means a lot*
Gets plastered and wakes up the next day only to start drinking more. Wears sunglasses indoors. Why? Why not! Shall I keep going? He coined the term "Fratastic"Weed gets high off of him, he is never wrong, has the best-est uncle in the world, loves pupy chow and baked goods. His favorite sorority is Alpha Sigma Tau, except BitchTina she's not cool Delta Gamma is pretty neat too, Delta Zeta and Chi Omegas get him off the most. He knows a ginger so watch out for your soul. Never diss his woman Taylor Swift, because he will appear at the edge of your bed in the darkest of night, and scare the shit out of you..look behind you, missed him look again. His only kryptonite, is the ability to use the mass technology that we have today also known as Twitter. Barbra Streisand
"Look! Bropez just walked in the door! Dibs!"
Bropez can play the banjo
"Hey look it's Bropez!" "Back off bitch he's mine"
"Taylor Swift is soo lucky to have someone like Bropez in her life"
by Ke$haRox May 02, 2012
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