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Basically the gayest place on Earth. If you are looking for a cocky, perverted guy and/or an easy, trashy girl....this is your place. With the exception of a few cool people, who you could probably count on your hands, this school is all kids with too much money and too much in their heads.

One very important fact about this school is how sucky their football team is. In fact, they suck so bad that their band is bigger than their team. They rely on their money to pay refs and their super asian kicker, who is probably from Japan, to win games. One of the most annoying things about their team is how much their players talk and how poor they play.

All in all...Brookwood succeeds in some fine arts and pretty much fails at everything else. The only deserved award they have ever won is their #1 spot as the suckiest school in the universe.
"Brookwood High School" sucky gay suicidal cocky annoying pissy easy rich
by Just_A_Guy_7 September 18, 2011
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