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A Brooklyphobe is someone with an aversion to visiting the New York City borough of Brooklyn. Brooklyphobes either fail to recognize or look with an air of smug superiority toward Brooklyn's rich cultural life. A Brooklyphobe may even harbor feelings of genuine fear with regard to the specter of visiting New York City's most populous borough, a fear often born of erroneous, racist and antiquated notions of the pre-gentrification "inner city" harking back to the 1970s, 80s and early 90s. Such Brooklyphobes are often, though not always, tourists hailing from beyond New York City itself. Some Brooklyphobes may occasionally frequent bars, music venues or other social gatherings in Williamsburg or Park Slope. However, a true Brooklyphobe will do even this only infrequently and with great trepidation, and will invariably take a cab home to Manhattan at the conclusion of their outing.
That party was full of taxi-riding Brooklyphobes. Shit was whack.
by Thursdaythetwelfth December 12, 2010
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