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Excellent haircut made popular by those shining examples of ignorance, The Gotti Brothers. Popularized by guidos in the NY/NJ area, it looks like your hair would look if you stepped into a wind tunnel and applied liberal amounts of pork chop grease to your head. To be a true 'fade', it must be waterproof, so when coming out of the ocean down at the "Jersey Shore" it looks exactly the same as it did before entering. Talked about in the Point Pleasant "Shore" area in the most heinous, derogatory terms.
Hey Gino, get your Brookly Fade goin'. You down to go to Tempt's tonight? It closed? Yo, dawg, then we hit D'Jai's.

Look at the guido primping his Brooklyn Fade before jumping in the water. Bet you he high-five's his buddies when he eats it bodysurfing.
by R. Sardella October 25, 2006
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