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A city in southeastern Wisconsin, a super suburb of Milwaukee. Known for high cost of living and little else: there's not much to do, but parents like it because it has a pretty decent school district. Other Wisconsin kids think that Brookfield kids have a general 'elitist' attitude, when it's only a handful. Kids from Brookfield Central are snobby and rich, while kids from Brookfield East are more diverse: potheads, snobs, and general freaks.
"You're from Brookfield? Why are you nice?"
by Lacymen April 23, 2005
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A town in Connecticut where the neighboring towns are Danbury "little mexico" and New Milford "hick town U.S.A"
The people there are rich,white,and entitled. The teenagers of brookfield, as they refer to it as "the shit hole", like to get drunk and to drug preferably weed since there is nothing else to do besides the occasional coning.
I need some weed where should I go...I will go to Brookfield
by lilliania April 12, 2009
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Something either very expensive, or something that would relate to a person from a rich family. (Originates from the southeastern Wisconsin city of Brookfield, where most of the kids there are very rich).
Her family has four cars and two houses and she complains about being poor. That is so brookfield.
by flicka March 22, 2007
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A part of east Oakland, CA that is somewhat maze like. Has a very high crime rate and you will get jacked if your ass gets lost in there at night.
My baby daddy is from Brookfield and will shank you
by EllyBooBoo June 23, 2010
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A suburban town in Fairfield county Connecticut. Home to old people, young families and furniture stores, at least thats what the town caters to. Teenagers, or the spawns of Satan as the townspeople affectionately refer to them, have a rough time spend their time at the mall and movie theatre in neighboring Danbury, pissing off the hick town of New Milford, or slumming it in parking lots of fast food restaurants and gas stations. Alcohol and drugs are the teenagers staple diet given the mass amounts of money given to them by their parent, and the massive shift from normal businesses to furniture outlets. Enjoy the gazebo behind kids kingdom, the quarry or the abandoned movie theatre by john's best (or where it used to be). The last one has spray paint tags by a few crazy kids of '05.
Yo we need to score some drugs. lets head to the wendy's in brookfield.
by Sfizz December 26, 2006
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1. Noun. A town in Fairfield County in which many run-of-the mill, boring, and uninteresting people live. Where the most talked-about event is the opening of Quiznos Sub. A place where getting drunk every night of the week is an acceptable practice, as well as blowing lines of cocain during school hours. These practices are mainly due to the extremely low amount of places to hang out/do something slightly enjoyable.

2. Noun. Also a place where many of the not-so extremely rich people of Fairfield County live, however, they believe they are hot shit (but they're really just cold diarrhia).

3. Noun. A place where the kids hang out at local gas stations.

3. Adjective. Boring; uninteresting. Not having anything to do. Mobil-goer.
She's from Brookfield, I bet she's got a few hook-ups. Lets give her a call.
by Amanda May 05, 2005
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the most friggin boring town in connecticut. way 2 many families with a stick up their ass.u feel like ur in leave it to bever world.
hey? wanna go out 2nite? well wat do u want to do? we can go to the mall, movies or friggin bowling? nahh we did all those last week. Lets get drunk instead!! ok!!
---damn brookfield is sooo gay---
by me November 15, 2003
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