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Bronyism is the power to love, appreciate, and tolerate, regardless of gender, wealth, or status.
Bronyism has developed as a result of the Brony community, where fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic follow the ideals and theme of the show by showing friendship and tolerance to all.

Going to a Brony convention, one often sees bronyism among the fans.
by Marjan_Lion September 12, 2012
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noun. A philosophical ideology based off the ideas and beliefs of the Brony community. Typical beliefs include 'loving and tolerating', dressing up as ponies, and watching My Little Pony (compulsory).

Certain types of Bronyism is worse than others. Some extremist-fundamental Bronies want to spread their cancerous ideology across the world, loving and tolerating the hell out of terrorists and evil dictators.

Some have even gone as far as mating with actual ponies, creating a race of pony-humans, as featured in the 2013 Animated film: My Little Pony: Equestria Girls.

Many governments detest Bronyism and is hated as much as communism in most of the world (except Asia of course). For centuries, followers of the Brony movement have been discriminated against. They were burned/beheaded in the past, however in the modern day, bronies are used as drone testing-dummies by American ub3r-l33t spy dr0nes.

Historians now believe that Atlantis was the original Brony homeland. It was a place of pure Brony fandom and people watched MLP every day. Unfortunately, overweight Republican Americans invaded and sucked up all the oil from underneath the city, causing it to sink.
Average Guy: Hey what are you watching?

Brony: Just MLP.

Average Guy: Hey dude, you're not one of those extremist fundamental Bronies are you? D:

Brony: Nah, just a regular Brony.

Average Guy: Thank god, bronyism sure is frightening.
by A really fat guy November 04, 2013
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being a guy who is into My Little Pony. Bronyism is by far the most baffling cultural phenomenon of modern times.
Alex: You're really into that gay horse show? Fuckin' trendster.
Ashton: It's not a trend, it's a way of life. Bronyism is a life philosophy, okay. It's like Hakuna Matata only with gay horses
by contrarianrevolution April 01, 2012
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