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A gathering of your homies and friends to quarantine during the covid19 pandemic.

Can be followed by the word branch (bro, homie) to indicate your closest friend during the quarantine.
Friend one "I'm having a brona next week, do you want to come?"
Friend two "Definitely, your my brona branch."
by Branchsquad January 15, 2021
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Bronagh is a Irish girl name.

The meaning of the name is `Sorrow`

Where is it used? The name Bronagh is mainly used in Ireland
How do they say it elsewhere?

Br贸nach ( In Irish) The name Bronagh doesn`t appear in the US top 1000 most common names over the last 128 years. The name Bronagh seems to be unique!

Also spelt Br贸na

Pronouced Bro - Nah
No Example for Brona.
by BeeBeez February 07, 2010
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